Minister Chris Oyakhilome is a minister, instructor, mending priest, TV host and top rated creator. Pastor Chris radiates a voracious enthusiasm to contact the people of the world while keeping God’s love near him (a perfect commitment he has centered life around for over 30 years). Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has assisted millions in walking the path of Christ. He shares the word of God in the least difficult configuration to help God’s flock find their way in Christ. He manages a constantly broadening system of Christ Embassy Churches and Believers LoveWorld Campus cooperatives. These efforts spread over every one of the five landmasses. His devoted service has built strength in the spirits of Christ’s children and furnished all followers with celestial understanding of Christianity. His lessons are accessible in multiple sound and video platforms. The incredibly famous Healing School of Christ Embassy is Pastor Chris’s way of healing; it is focused on helping the sick and dying in other countries and showing the miraculous works of Jesus Christ. The healing service of Pastor Chris has helped many get a new life in the Spirit. Minister Chris is a productive essayist, and the amazing writer of the series: “Composition of Realities” (a worldwide monthly distribution available in more than 800 dialects).

Our fellowship has spread worldwide with a dream of bringing God’s love and power to other countries; we have become living examples of the Holy Spirit. The Ministry is driven by an enthusiasm to see men and ladies everywhere throughout the world seek the information of the heavenly life made accessible in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has an enthusiasm to see lives changed by the energy of God. This indeed is his life’s calling. Flocks of youngsters around the globe have been influenced by his service – many of whom have devoted their lives to contacting other youngsters on the planet. LoveWorld Campus Ministry is the youth section of Believers’ LoveWorld. These sheep of God have created a magnificent service in the name of God and have become essential members in the ministry. Our Vision is to convey God’s heavenly body to everyone in the world!

The Christ Embassy generously welcomes you to an extraordinary Worship and Communion Service being held in Zimbabwe. The date for this epochal event is set for May 2017. The whole country is excited and cheers of joy can be heard, “Zimbabwe is a Miracle!” Blessings by the prophetic Pastor have swept the nation and mothers are overcome with tears of joy! We urge you to join us as we celebrate God’s love on this occasion. Enrolled representatives can register by any of the following means:

  • register online at our website and receive your ticket
  • register in person at any of the assigned review Centers
  • register to view the event streaming live here on
  • register via our private channel on the CEFLIX app (GooglePlay and IOS App store)

Please join us as we praise the expression of God and His brilliance! See you there!